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Forums : General Discussion > AA Setups by Class
purgpow (Member) 12/23/2010 2:28 AM EST : AA Setups by Class

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Here are 3 Ideas for a Assassin pick what's best for you

Assassin Spec 1 click here

Assassin Spec 2 Click here

Assassin Spec 3 Click here

Berserker AA sup for Grouping / Tank

Berserker Tank AA's Click Here

Brigand AA Setup

DPS / Grouping AA spec Click Here

Bruiser this is still rough but i think i'm close

Bruiser AA Spec Click here

Conjuror AA setup

Conjuror AA spec For DPS Click Here

Necromancer AA Setup: Here is a set up for DPS / Group runs

Necro DPS / Grouping AA's click here

Necro Soloing AA Spec


Raiding Spec - Click Here


DPS Spec - Click here

Raiding Spec / DPS Utility

Illy Raiding / DPS - Utility

Warden AA Setup: i use this Set up for Grouping. I know most Druids don't waste the points in Rebirth but i like it. Rebirth has saves my group a few times when i have been the only healer.

Warden Group Healing AA Set up Click here

I use this Set up for soloing while i was leveling my character its a DPS set up

Warder Solo - DPS set Up click here

Characters: Clap Gimbal Locktight

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